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The MMO List


Our Massive Multiplayer Online list details Mythic Gamers' criteria for MMO games, as well as the games that meet those criteria. Read on to discover what we are currently considering for our next foray into MMO gaming.

The Non-MMO List

age of empires 4.jpg

Non-MMO games are basically all other games, but we tend to like strategy games, such as real-time strategy (RTS) or turn-based strategy (TBS), Role Playing Games (RPG), such as Baldur's Gate, survival games, and co-op shooters. Our Non-MMO list details our criteria for non-MMO games, as well as the games that mee those criteria. Read on to discover what we are currently considering for our next foray into non-MMO gaming.

Right Now

Desktop Screenshot 2018.04.17 -

Currently, we are playing a mish-mash of MMO and non-MMO games. A few of us are still playing Riders of Icarus, even with all of the rookie errors, mind-numbing grind, subscription burning antics, low population drag, and game breaking bugs of the dev/pub Nexon over the past year. Most of us have moved on to Elder Scrolls Online in an effort to tide us over until our next MMO is chosen (and released). Some of us are also alpha/beta testing other MMOs for research and development of this web site. Read our Morrowind review below for more information.

New Lord of the Rings MMO


Middle Earth Enterprises (who owns the LOTR intellectual property) is partnering with Athlon Games to find a developer for a new LOTR MMO. Personally, LOTRO is one of my favorite all-time games, and I'm not sure if any LOTR MMO experience can beat that, but I'll at least give it a try - when it is released in six to eight years. Read for more.

UPDATE: Amazon Game Studios is the developer.

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