Our criteria for our next MMO game choice is based on the following:

  1. Massive multiplayer online – thousands plus

  2. PC, and hopefully Mac

  3. Cooperative PvE, with some consensual PvP

  4. Minimum of fuss to get on and play on game night (drop in, drop out)

  5. Minimal hassle with different character levels

  6. Ok with instancing to avoid jerks and asshats

  7. Getting burnt out on Eastern developers

  8. Relatively recent 3D graphics. NO 2D, voxel, side scroller, or platformer. sheesh

  9. Avoid build and defend PvP games

  10. Avoid games that require hardcore play style and time in order to reach end game content, seek out games that support casual play


Star citizen

Space MMO

Space sci-fi theme, multi-crew ships (think: raid per ship), sandbox, open universe, hundreds of professions, Lumberyard engine, and crowd funded $153 Million to see the game of their dreams become a reality. This is the highest crowd funded game by a long, long shot. The next highest crowd funded game is Prison Architect, which raised a paltry $19M. The only crowd funded effort that raised more money than Star Citizen is the blockchain operating system for Ethereum, EOS, at $185M. With thousands of developers and artists working to create this game, anyone who pledges $45 can play the alpha today. There are no character levels, simply call your ship and head off to seek fortune, fame, power, or whatever you like. The release date will be at least 2018, but most probably late 2019. There will be a single player campaign as well as the MMO version. I have a ton of videos posted up on my Star Citizen channel:

Also, if you sign up for an account, use my referral code: STAR-9NR6-BDGY

Developer website:


Ashes of Creation

High Fantasy MMO

High fantasy theme, sandbox, open world, crowd funded $4M, Unreal 4 engine. Players build up cities through craft and trade (including caravans), then defend them against other players. There are no factions, so each player must decide what other players they desire to work with, forming guilds and societies. Choices matter, and there is a risk commensurate with rewards. Characters level up and choose abilities offered by common archetypes (tank, cleric, mage, etc.) and features action combat and consensual PvP. Alpha begins in December 2017, so perhaps a 2019 release.

Developer website:



Fantasy Throne War Simulator

High fantasy theme, sandbox, open world, crowd funded $13M, Unity 5 engine. No character level, skills are trained passively in a persistent skill trainer. Players inhabit one of perhaps a dozen vessels, each with unique abilities that complement others. Features throne war simulator, so you choose one of several teams to join at the start of a campaign, then build, craft, and siege your way to regional dominance. Secure rare resources in order to craft better stuff. Campaigns are finite, so claim and collect what you can during the campaign to prepare for the next campaign. In addition, you have eternal kingdoms, which are persistent worlds you build for you and yours, but you won't get the more rare resources in these kindgdoms. Currently in pre-aplha, they expect a beta in 2019, with a possible release of 2020. I have a first 20 minutes video up on my youtube channel:


Camelot Unchained

TriRealm (RvR) MMO

High fantasy theme, sandbox, open world, crowd funded $3M, Unchained engine. This game features realm versus realm combat, they call TriRealm. The 3 realms are Arthurian, Tuatha De Danann, and Vikings. Sound familiar? The developer is creating their own game engine to deal with massive RvR battles. No character levels, but you can skill up by participating in (crafting, attacking, defending) RvR. I'm in an NDA alpha, sorry. Expect a beta in 2018, and launch sometime around 2020. They have limited resources, and have chosen a long path. As soon as the NDA is lifted I'll record and post some videos.


Chronicles of Elyria

Medieval MMO

Medieval theme, sandbox, open world, crowd funded $3M, Soulborn engine (hybrid of Unreal engine and SpatialOS). The developers aim to include character aging into a classic sandbox MMO, with permadeath and consequences for actions. This is a bit hardcore for me, as I usually find the asshats on the server want to flay me alive for no reason other than to watch the world burn. The problem here is that you pay real money for your soul, so getting griefed actually costs you real money. Skills are tied to your character's age and abilities, so as your character ages, your skills change. I'm curious to see how they pull this off, because, frankly, getting old sucks ass and I prefer my games to be more fun than reminding me of all the crap going on with my body. Also, this game is hardcore role play. For example, go read any of the forum posts. These people are effing role players. Alpha looks like late 2018, so look for release around late 2020.


Conan Exiles

Conan Survival MMO

Pre-historic sandbox, open world, survival MMO. Developed by Funcom with Unreal Engine 4. Pve and PvP servers. To gain experience, players will explore, craft, and survive in the cruel world of Conan, or die trying.


Elder Scrolls Online: Morrowind

High Fantasy Action MMO

High fantasy theme, open world, consensual PvP, HeroEngine (same as SW:TOR). The latest expansion in the ESO series, highly acclaimed by both critics and players. The Morrowind expansion includes new races and a new class (Warden, a true pet class!), lots of new content, player housing, improved crafting, improved add-on support, no level requirement (so your lower level toons can group up with higher level toons with no experience hit), choose an ability to become a werewolf or a vampire, and a huge (8 million) active player population. ESO is the standard by which MMOs will be measured for the next decade.


Mount and Blade 2

Medieval MMO

Medieval combat simulator, sandbox, open world, proprietary game engine. Faction warlords compete for land and resources in an authentic medieval setting.


Shroud of the Avatar

High Fantasy MMO

High fantasy theme, sandbox, open world, crowd funded $2M, and consensual PvP. From the creator/developer of Ultima Online, but apparently nothing like it, and getting panned by critics and users. I'll watch this one as it develops. Might be pleasantly surprised. In alpha but available on Steam early access for the past 3 years. Hey, some games bake for a decade before they are ready. Right now, it doesn't look like a AAA game, which really throws me off.


New World

17th Century Sandbox

Amazon Game Studios is developing New World, a 17th Century sandbox game featuring some arcane elements. Read our full blog here:

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