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  1. Our criteria for our next non-MMO game choice is based on the following:

  2. online multiplayer co-op – three plus

  3. PC, and hopefully Mac

  4. Cooperative PvE, with some consensual PvP

  5. Minimum of fuss to get on and play on game night (drop in, drop out)

  6. Minimal hassle with different character levels

  7. Ok with instancing to avoid jerks and asshats

  8. Getting burnt out on Eastern developers

  9. Prefer to avoid the shooter zero sum – the chaotic every-man-for-himself, shoot, get killed, shoot, get killed

  10. Relatively recent graphics

  11. Avoid build and defend PvP games

  12. Avoid games that require hardcore play style and time in order to reach end game content, seek out games that support casual play


Fallout 76

Survival of the Fittest

Online only post-apocalyptic survival action RPG supporting dozens of players per server instance.


Empyrion: Galactic Survival

Space Survival

Open world space sandbox survival, sci-fi, private and official servers, available on steam


Osiris: New Dawn

Space Survival

Open world space sandbox survival, sci-fi, private and official servers, available on steam. Difference between Empyrion and Osiris is that Empyrion builds with blocks, while Osiris builds with complete units. In Empyrion, you build a base and vehicles with blocks made from materials, whereas Osiris builds the base and vehicles as one unit from materials. Watch my gameplay videos to see more:

age of empires 4.jpg

Age of Empires 4


RTS, Earth historic story line, release date TBD/2019

divinity original sin 2-1.jpg

Divinity: Original Sin 2


RPG, high fantasy, turn based fights, player hosted server, available on steam


Citadel: Forged with Fire

Fantasy Survival

open world magic sandbox survival, fantasy, private and official servers, available on steam, watch my gameplay videos for more:

dark and light.jpg

Dark and Light

Fantasy Survival

Open world sandbox survival, fantasy, private and official servers, available on steam. This game has a complicated past, and an uncertain future, play at your own risk.

borderlands 3.jpg

Borderlands 3

RPG co-op shooter

sci-fi, player hosted server, release TBD/2018

left 4 dead 2.jpg

Left 4 Dead 2

RPG co-op shooter

Player hosted server, zombie apocalypse, released in 2009, but still the best in genre

destiny 2.jpg

Destiny 2

RPG co-op shooter

12 player raids, 6 player raids, 3 player missions, public raid events, daily and weekly challenges, sci-fi, dev hosted servers, available on (blizzard app)



RPG co-op shooter

sci-fi, release date TBD/2018

total war warhammer 2.jpg

Total War: Warhammer 2


TBS with real-time tactics, Warhammer theme, crippled by only 2 player co-op, I still include this game because it looks like tons of fun, even if only for 2, available on steam

state of decay 2.jpg

State of Decay 2

RPG co-op shooter

zombie apocalypse, open world survival, release date 2Q2018

spellforce 3.jpg

Spellforce 3


RTS with RPG elements, high fantasy, release date 7 December 2017

iron harvest 1920+.jpg

Iron Harvest 1920+


Diesel punk RTS, alternate WW1 story, release 2019

If you want to provide feedback, please let us know your thoughts.

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