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The Legend of Zelda Wind Waker

Hello, and welcome to my presentation of The Legend of Zelda Wind Waker. To start things off you will be on a balcony sleeping when your sister, Aryl come up and wakes you up. She talks about how you left your grandmas house and came onto the porch. And then guess what, IT'S YOUR BIRTHDAY! You need to go to grandmas house first and then she will give you her present. Grandmas house is the farthest house away from the porch. Climb down the ladder, go over the bridge, and you will see a lady with a pot on her head. There will be a house right next to her, there will be an opening into the porch go into it and you will find a chest with an orange rupee. Get out of the porch and go into the house. You will see a ladder the first thing, so climb up the ladder and Grandma will be waiting...

She will talk to you for a little while and then she will give you the hero's clothes. Go back to the porch and Aryl (your sister) will give you the Present. It's a telescope, look into it and you can use "L" to zoom in and out. Aryl will tell you to look at the red postbox look at it and you will see a weird looking birdman. He will start flapping his wings crazy and look straight up into the sky and you will see (well I'm not going to spoil) and you will see a girl named Tetra fall into the woods. Aryl says you have to save her, so go to the house that has two stories. Then, go to the bottom one and you will see a guy with a spear and a long beard. When you talk to him you say how the Girl fell into the woods so Orca (the guy with the spear and the beard) will give you a swordplay. Once you have finished the swordplay, go near the balcony, there will be a sign go to the left of the sign and you will see some trees. Cut down the trees with your sword and you will see a bridge...

Go across the bridge and into the dark rock. There will be a forest, go straight until you come to a dead end. Turn left and there will be a knocked over branch. Climb up it and 2 bokoblins will drop, defeat the bokoblins and the girl will fall down and there will be a pirate and he will look like he has to pee his pants. He will talk and lead you over to the bridge. You will see Aryl waving at you, you will wave back. But then something terrible happens (sorry but too sad to tell) then you will get back onto the island and you need to get a shield, Fortunately, grandma has a shield on the wall, go into her house and she will give you the sheild. Then go back to Tetra and she will let you go onto her ship and sail across to the Forsaken Fortress. You will get on the ship, wave goodbye, and leave. While you're traveling, go to the door and travel down the stairs and you will reach Nico. Talk to Nico, and he will give you a parkour lesson. Once you finish the parkour, you will receive an adventure pouch (or something like that.) Then Tetra will call you to come back. So, get out from the ship, and climb up the ladder and Tetra will speak to you. For more information go to http://www.ign.com/