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Hacknet (OS & Labyrinth)

Back in 2001 there was a game called Uplink. You played the part of a ne'er-do-well hacker that breaks into computers trying to avoid getting traced and put in handcuffs.

Fast forward to now and I bring you Hacknet. This game was amazing.

It starts with you being introduced to colleague with the hacker name "Bit" who is, unfortunately, dead by the time you meet him. And you have to find his killer.

Flex your skills breaking into systems, getting around proxies, and using brute force against firewalls. Try to beat the clock as a trace threatens to get back to you and destroy your battle station. Improve your tools and skills with each hack, making the next one just a little bit easier than the last.

As an engineer myself, I always expect games like this to be a little cheesy and not entirely accurate. While there was some of that, on the whole the concepts were pretty spot on. Probe the system, hack the individual services, own the system, do your work, and cover your tracks.

Last but not least, the soundtrack is *awesome* for this entire game. In fact, you can pay a little bit more to get the soundtrack as a separate download. I had it bumping the entire time and it definitely picks up when the pressure is on and you're being traced. For maximum effect, throw on the headphones and crank it up.

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