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Sniper Elite 4

Are you always snapping up the rifle to snipe when you're playing everything from Left 4 Dead 2 to Battlefield 1942? Well this is the game for you.

Meet Karl Fairburne, an American OSS agent.

You'll be taking him through Italy during World War II in a series of missions covering a range of environments ranging from the open countryside to an underground bunker where the baddies are hiding.

You choose the strategy for the situation.

Got some range on the target? Use the rifle. Adjust for the wind and bullet fall to put your round in your favorite Nazi ouchy place. Head shots? Got 'em. Heart shots? Got those too. Testicle shots? You thought I was kidding. Nope. Got those as well.

Up close? You've got your choice of machine gun or handgun. Do you use a silencer or not? Can you cover the sound of the shot with something from your environment? An explosion? A plane overhead? Make your choice and commit.

Sometimes you don't even have to be there when the @#$% hits the fan. Anti-personnel mines, anti-vehicle mines, trip wires, grenades, and more are available to pick up along the way or pack them ahead of time in one of several load out configurations.

Last but not least, the X-ray kill cam. Not only do you get the to hear the satisfying bang of the gun, but you can watch the bullet tear through that unlucky Nazi, destroying organs on the way through. Maximum carnage.

Still not sold? There's DLC content starting at $4. There's solo & multiplayer. You can play through every campaign mission with a friend. The possibilities are, quite literally, endless.

Come get some.

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