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The Secret Hack to Terraria (PC)

The main hack for terraria if you want to get an item is select multiplayer, then click on join via IP. Select a character available (or create a new one) and type in and the server port is 7777, now click accept and you will be in a wonderful world.

Now press enter, and type “/login (password) and the password can be any password you want. Then, click enter again and BOOM! You will be logged in. Now you have permission to hack whatever item you want (it has to be an item in terraria).

Now, you’re probably whining “just tell us the hack for the item!” alright I will. Example: /i (let’s say you want the terra blade!) /i terra blade 1 legendary. Then, hit enter again and you will receive the terra blade.

That’s the main hack you will want to know. Make sure to subscribe to Bitter pumpkin, I WON’T leave a link below.

PS: Get Terraria on windows now

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