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The Legend of Zelda Breath of the Wild

This Legend of Zelda release has many game features that include amiibos, cheats, and things that are getting a lot of complaints, that not many people have heard of. So buckle up and enjoy this presentation!

We will start with the main amiibo that is probably the most useful, that would probably be the super smash bros link amiibo. It will probably summon Epona your very first try. If you don't that is okay. amiibos may be used on time a day, but here is a secret, if you don't get the treasure you want, just save and reload to the save that you made as you were about to use the amiibo. Tie to move on to the next presentation paragraph.

Well, I don't exactly know how this works, but there's some weird tree (don't ask me where it is) and there will be a mountain, climb up it and there will be a stone talus. Defeat him, and then go mine this luminous stone, that is nearby. Then fly back down on to the tree that I mentioned earlier, and land on it and you will get this weird glitch. For more information, look up "how to get a glitch in BOTW” that will have a lot more information. Time for the next.

Ok, there are so many things that are wrong in botw that I can't even say them all, so I'm going to tell you 5 of them.

1. Zelda shows her butt, in almost all of the memories.

2. There is only one quest in BOTW

3. They make Lynels way too hard

4. All of the bosses are just forms of Gannon

5. they make the final boss Gannon, way too easy.

Thank you for listening to my presentation :)

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